Due to some personal and family issues, Mr. Xiang decided to resign from the CAST-NC presidency position. We regret that Mr. Xiang could not finish his term until the year end but we respect his decision to focus on his family.


The CAST-NC board members have unanimously approved Mr. Xiang's resignation and elected the current CAST-NC Vice President and Board Member, Ms. Yu Lou as the CAST-NC President, effectively today – June 15, 2015.


Ms. Yu Lou has been a key CAST-NC leader and volunteer for many years. She is also life-long community volunteer, served in many local Chinese community non-profit organizations, including CAFA and Chinese School at Chapel Hill.


Thank you, Mr. Xiang for your contributions in the past and we hope that you will continue to contribute to the CAST-NC in the future!


Congratulations to Ms. Yu Lou to become the CAST-NC President!


Owen Chen 
On Behalf of the CAST-NC Board 
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