Wednesday, May 23, 2012,   2:00 pm – 5:00 pm


 North Carolina Auditorium (1st Floor), North Carolina Biotechnology Center

       15 TW Alexander Drive

       Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27709-3547

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The Chinese American Biosciences Association in North Carolina (CABA-NC) and Chinese Association for Science & Technology – NC Chapter (CAST-NC) cordially invite you to attend “China Nanjing Biotechnology and New Medicine Industry Promotion Seminar”, which will be co-hosted by CABA-NC and CAST-NC and sponsored by Nanjing government. This event aims to introduce to the domestic and overseas talents about the preferential policies concerning science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship in Nanjing, to deepen mutual understanding and collaboration between Nanjing and North Carolina, as well to promote the development of biotechnology and new medicine industries in Nanjing.

 This event features speakers from both Nanjing and North Carolina governments, executives of multinational pharmaceutical companies and Chinese companies and representatives of NC Biotechnology Center, CABA-NC and CAST-NC.

 Refreshment will be served at the beginning of the seminar. Chinese cuisine and pizza will be served around 4:30PM as dinner.


Program Details (See Attachment for Details in Chinese):

Moderator: Mr. Kong Qiuyun, Director-general of Nanjing Municipal Investment Promotion Commission

 14:00—14:30 Registration and Networking (Refreshment Will Be Served)

 14:30—14:35 Introduction of Special Guests

 14:35—14:40 Opening Remarks by the Official from Embassy of People’s Republic of China in The United States Of America

 14:40—14:45 Welcoming Remarks by the Official of the North Carolina Government

 14:45—15:15 Keynote Speech by Mr. Yang Weize “Nanjing Biotechnology and New Medicine Industries”

 15:15—15:20 Speech by Mr. Ren Jinsheng, President of Jiangsu Simcere Pharmaceutical

 15:20—15:25 Speech by Mr. Zhang Fangliang, President of Nanjing Genscript Biotechnology Ltd

 15:25—15:30 Speech by the Representative from North Carolina Biotechnology Center

 15:30—15:35 Speech by the Representatives from Chinese American Biosciences Association in North Carolina and Chinese Association for Science & Technology – NC Chapter

 15:35—16:00 Q & A

 16:00—17:00 Networking (Dinner Will Be Served Around 16:30PM)


 1. Please RSVP by filling in your information on the Attendee Registration Spreadsheet (shared Google Document) by May 16th for the sake of better logistics. Please direct your questions to Hainian Zeng if you have any.

 2. Please fill out the “Reply Form” and send the form to ss18ibm@126.com for future communication.

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 主持人:南京市投资促进委员会主任 孔秋云

 14:00 —14:30 签到

 14:30 —14:35 主持人介绍中外嘉宾

 14:35 —14:40 中国驻美国使领馆代表致辞

 14:40 —14:45 北卡州政府官员致辞

 14:45 —15:15 杨卫泽书记发表南京生物技术与新医药产业主题演讲

 15:15 —15:20 江苏先声药业董事长任晋生发言 

15:20 —15:25 南京金斯瑞生物科技有限公司董事长章方良发言

 15:25 —15:30 北卡生物科技中心负责人发言

 15:30 —15:35 北卡中美生物科技协会、旅美华人科技协会代表发言

 15:35 —16:00 嘉宾提问

 16:00 —17:00 自由交流 


This event is jointly organized by CAST-NC and CABA-NC

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